About Us

We Manufacture the best Copper Phthalocyanine Pigments

Our Mission

The mission of Pratiksha Chemicals Ltd. is to excel with the excellent professional decorum along with the concern for the quality products. Enabling growth by providing quality products and keeping everlasting relations with all stake holders. We are totally committed to upgrading social, economic and environmental conditions of mankind.

Our Vision

The vision of Pratiksha Chemicals Ltd is to be a trusted & proven global manufacturer of pigment powders. Establish new office & warehouse in U.S.A to cater North and South America customers by 2023. Provide more than 100+ Jobs in Colorants industry by 2023. We are targeting to create more clean energy & minimize the environmental impact of our business activities by reducing carbon emission, recycling water at maximum level.

Pratiksha Chemicals Limited (PCL) was incorporated as Pratiksha Chemicals Private Limited (PCPL) on 24th April 1991. It started commercial production of phthalocyanine Pigment Green 7 in August 1994 at a very modest capacity of 110 metric tons per annum. We started building customer base in Local markets, Private sectors, Semi Government sectors and Government sectors. After having hands-on experience of products and thorough know how of customer demands we added new products Phthalocyanine Blues & increased production capacity of Green 7 by 1994, which was indeed a turning point. Since then, the organization has grown by leaps and bound. Our customers played an important role in making our success dreams come true.

Dedication, Devotion, Commitment, Quality are the basic pillars which helped us to extending our network outside India. Pratiksha Chemicals Limited is promoted by Shri H. K. Patel, Shri H. K. Bhatt and Mr. J.K. Patel.

Mr. JAYESH K PATEL is the Chairman and Managing Director and one of the Promoters of the Company. He has vast technical experience of over 3 decades in the pigment industry. Production units’ operations are strictly monitored by him on daily basis. Besides that, he actively participates in new research and development of products. His prime concern is to maintain the product quality irrespective of whatsoever the external parameters are. Also, he emphasizes on conserving the natural resources while implementing and executing the international standards of products. His expertise aids in developing the procurement strategy for the future. He is the Founder of the Company and has been actively involved in the business of the Company since its inception.

He has been instrumental in playing a key role in the Company’s growth with his inputs in Strategic Planning and Business Development. Over the years, he has played a vital role in expanding the operations and directing the Company’s growth in a defined manner.

Our Team

Empathy and compassion are imbibed in our culture. We foster a work environment where the dignity of every stakeholder is honoured. We imbibe a culture of continuous learning and development for each of our employees. Opportunities are offered across diverse domains to help them with career advancement and also personal growth.

Our Products

Pratiksha Chemicals Ltd is an ISO 9001:2015 & 14001:2015 certified company

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Pratiksha Chemicals Ltd,

3rd Floor, H.K.Complex,

Nr. Dharnidhar Derasar, Paldi,

Ahmedabad - 380 007,

Gujarat, India.

+91-79-2663 2390 / 2660 9530


Pratiksha Chemicals Ltd

is certified for its quality management system under ISO 9001:2015 & environment management system under ISO 14001:2015 standard.

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